Corrosion control

Beside of our decade long experience on the field we are able to apply  corrosion control coating on any kind of steel structure on high standard. Our coated steel structures able to fight against the most extreme environmental conditions, giving perfect protection to the coated surfaces with long lasting effect. We use the newest, well examined technology based materials, which are resistant against acidic and alkaline environments and they proved in the most extreme conditions.

Fire protection for steel structures

Steel structures are the skeleton of the building, keeping it up. When a fire breaks out, the temperature rises rapidly to a level where the steel structures lose their stability ( around 500 °C ) and in consequence, collapse. With public buildings it is essential to ensure people using the building have enough time to escape in case of fire. Choosing high quality intumescent coating is important because once applied, the paint is put to the test only when a hazard strikes.
With fire protection/intumescent paint systems, we can slow down the heating process of steel. The intumescent paint forms an insulating layer on steel surface by foaming due to heat. The insulating foam provides steel stability for 30-120 minutes, depending on the selected paint system.